Thursday, May 28, 2009

Homework due 6/1-6/5

We are wrapping up the school year soon, please look for miscellaneous books that may have found their way to your home. Most of my materials are labeled with either my name or a sticker that states it is property of Edina Gifted & Talented Department. Many thanks!

3rd grade Math:
due 6/2: Problem solver packet pages 29 & 30, 35 & 36
due 6/4: Problem solver packet pages 41 & 42, 47 & 48. Quiz in class today!

3rd Grade Reading:
due 6/2: Olympian projects due in class on Thursday. Continue working on them at home if you need extra time.
due 6/4: Olympian projects due today!

4th grade Math:
due 6/2: Algebra packet lessons 21-24. (lessons 25 & 26 may be done for extra credit) Quiz in class today.
due 6/4: No math class today.

4th Grade Reading:
due 6/3: Character for Phantom Tollbooth

5th Grade Math:
due 6/2: ACE 3.2 (Quiz in class today)
due 6/4: No math today (5th grade party @ Rosland Park!)

5th Grade Reading:
due 6/3: No class today.

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