Thursday, May 14, 2009

Homework due 5/18-5/22

I have added links to class assignment sheets. I hope this will help students stay organized as we move into the final weeks of the school year. Thanks!

3rd grade Math:
due 5/19: ACE 3.5 (quiz in class today)
due 5/21: No homework due today

3rd Grade Reading:
due 5/19: No homework today, we will begin our Olympian God's research project in class today. due 5/21: Students must have at least 5 notes on Olympian

4th grade Math:
due 5/19: Algebra packet lessons 9-12
due 5/21: Algebra packet lessons 13-16

4th Grade Reading:
due 5/20: Phantom Tollbooth. Read Chapters 17-20. Complete Vocabulary & Writing Assignment on green handout from class. (handout link is located at top right of this page)

5th Grade Math:
due 5/19: ACE 2.2
due 5/21: ACE 2.3

5th Grade Reading:
due 5/20: Complete the following items listed on the handout from class.
Read ____ pages of your choice novel
Typed Essay: What are some similar experiences that African-Americans have had in common with those of Hispanic-Americans? What have been their different experiences? (Refer to the poems we read in class this week and last)

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