Thursday, May 7, 2009

Homework due 5/11-5/15

I have added links to class assignment sheets. I hope this will help students stay organized as we move into the final weeks of the school year. Thanks!

3rd grade Math:
due 5/12: no homework due today
due 5/14: ACE 3.4

3rd Grade Reading:
due 5/12: Read Chapters 18-20 and finish RAFT assignment
due 5/14: Finish The Lightning Thief . Final assessment in class on Thursday.

4th grade Math:
due 5/12: Algebra packet lessons 1-4
due 5/14: Algebra packet lessons 5-8

4th Grade Reading:
due 5/13: Phantom Tollbooth. Read Chapters 13-16. Complete Vocabulary & Writing Assignment on pink handout from class. (handout link is located at top right of this page)

5th Grade Math:
due 5/12: ACE 1.3 (Quiz in class today)
due 5/14: ACE 2.1

5th Grade Reading:
due 5/13: Complete the following items listed on the handout from class.
Read ____ pages of your choice novel
2 reaction questions (about choice novel)
Typed Essay: How do the poems we read in class today relate to the generalization that change may be positive or negative? Are the changes in the poems absolutely positive or negative, or does it depend on the point of view of an individual?

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