Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homework! Week of Sept 22-26

Whew! What a week! Homework is now more challenging and increasing in quantity. Please contact me with any comments or concerns about your child's conceptual understanding of and ability to complete the material coming home. You can call me at school at 952-848-4342 or email me at: .

3rd Grade
Math due Tuesday, Sept 30th : Problem Solving Packet #3 Day 5
Math quiz Tuesday, Sept 30th: - the quiz will include a collection of problems similar to those we've been working on for the last two weeks.
Math due Thursday, Oct 2nd: None :) we will begin long division and lattice multiplication lessons.
Reading: Internet research should be completed by Thursday, October 2nd. We work in class each Tuesday and Thursday to complete most of this.

4th Grade
Math due Tuesday, Sept 30th: Shapes and Designs Book problem 2.2 ACE 4&5 (p 41-42) and 36 (p. 48). Extra Credit: ACE 6-9, 30-35, and 41.
Math due Thursday, Oct 2nd: UPDATE - None!
Reading none :) Little Prince Day 2 was to be completed for this week. We didn't meet this week due to MAP testing. We will go over The Little Prince Day 2 next Wednesday.

5th Grade
Math due Tuesday, Sept 30th: none :) we had a quiz on Thursday.
Math due Thursday, Oct 2nd: Variables and Patterns Problem 2.1 homework.
Reading Due Wednesday, Oct 1st: Current Events Lesson 2 - Local Environmental Issues.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homework for the week of Sept 15-19

3rd Grade:
Math due Tuesday, Sept 23rd: Complete Pages 14-18 in Problem Solver Packet
Reading due Thursday, Sept 25th: Photos, interview, and parent signature due. If you want to work on your research, please see weblinks in a previous blog entry.

4th Grade:
Math due Tuesday, Sept 23rd: Work on your card trick and be ready to show the class!
Reading due Wednesday, Sept 24th: Little Prince Lesson 2

5th Grade:
Math due Tuesday, Sept 23rd: Problem 1.4 ACE 6-9 and 27. Extra Credit - ACE 21-24 and 28
Reading due Thursday, Sept 25th: Current Events Lesson 1 - focus on the environment.

Have a wonderful weekend in the wonderful weather!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome and Homework for the week of Sept 9-11

Welcome back to school! Working with your students is such a treat for me. The first weeks back at school include organization and new learning routines, and it's no different in the gifted resource department. Some work we did may seem confusing, please bear with your students and me until we get proficient with our weekly routines, it will get better.

Homework for this week:

All Grades: bring in supplies if you haven't done so already

3rd Grade:
Language Arts due by Thursday 9/18:
On the Day You Were Born Unit - complete the yellow interview worksheet and email me or bring in 5-10 photos of your first days in this world. E-mail photos to:

Math due Tuesday 9/16:
Complete pages 2-6 in Problem Solver Packet #1

4th Grade:
Language Arts due Wednesday, 9/17:
The Little Prince Unit - Complete day 1 worksheet including reading chapters 1-4, t-chart, questions, character map, and short essay

Math due Tuesday 9/16:
Complete pages 3-6 in Problem Solver Packet #2

5th Grade:
Language Arts due Wednesday 9/17:
Find, read, and be ready to discuss two news articles from two separate regions: local/state/national/world. Try to focus on an issue that you would like to know more about like the environment, weather, sports, school district news, presidential election, world news...

Math due Tuesday, 9/16:
ACE #1-3 on pages 15-16
Extra Credit (for everyone) ACE #18-20 on page 24