Thursday, December 18, 2008

Homework due 1/5-1/9

3rd Grade Reading
Read chosen book and complete book review worksheet.

3rd Grade Math
Practice your mulitplication and division facts over the holiday break.
Due 1/8 Practice Problems (2 sided) worksheet from Fizz & Martina packet.

4th Grade Reading
due 1/7- Final copy of Tall Tale due

4th Grade Math
No homework. We will begin a new unit on Tuesday 1/6
due 1/8- Bits and Pieces II ACE 1.1

5th Grade Reading
due 1/7 Finish reading Island of the Blue Dolphins and complete vocabulary and test. Create rough draft of island map to animate.

5th Grade Math
No homework. We will continue Accentuate the Negative on Tuesday 1/6
due 1/8 ACE 3.1 (#1-4)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homework due 12/15-12/19

3rd Grade Reading

no homework due 12/16 or 12/18

3rd Grade Math

due 12/16- Long division worksheet

due 12/18- No class today. Practice your mulitplication and division facts over the holiday break.

4th Grade Reading

due 12/17- Edit Tall Tale for spelling and grammar. We will work on final copies in class on the 17th.

4th Grade Math

due 12/16- Problem Solver Packet pages 28-36 Quiz in class today

due 12/18- No class today.

5th Grade Reading

due 12/17- read chapters 19-24 of Island of the Blue Dolphins and complete vocabulary, questions & literary activities

5th Grade Math

due 12/16- ACE 2.5 Quiz in class today

due 12/18- No class today

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homework due 12/8-12/12

3rd Grade Reading
no homework due 12/9 or 12/11

3rd Grade Math
due 12/9- Gold division worksheet
due 12/11- Long division worksheet

4th Grade Reading
due 12/10- Rough Draft of Tall Tale (double spaced)

4th Grade Math
due 12/9- Problem Solver Packet pages 19-21
due 12/11- Problem Solver Packet pages 22-27

5th Grade Reading
due 12/3- read chapters 13-18 of Island of the Blue Dolphins and complete vocabulary, questions & literary activities

5th Grade Math
due 12/9- ACE 2.3 and 2.4 (problems 10-11, 17-22 and 24-26)
due 12/11- no math today ACE 2.5 due on 12/16

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homework due 12/2-12/4

3rd Grade Reading
due 12/2- finish reading the Green Book and complete the blue figurative language packet.
due 12/4- no homework

3rd Grade Math
due 12/2- White multiplication worksheet (pg 93 & 94) Work on division facts
due 12/4- Gold division worksheet

4th Grade Reading
due 12/3- Blue Worksheet. Complete a story map for your Tall Tale

4th Grade Math
due 12/2- Problem Solver Packet pages 7-12
due 12/4- Problem Solver Packet pages13-18

5th Grade Reading
due 12/3- read chapters 1-6 of Island of the Blue Dolphins and complete Vocabulary, questions & literary assignment (back side of white worksheet)

5th Grade Math
due 12/2- ACE 2.1 (problems 1-3)
due 12/4- ACE 2.2 (problems 4-8)

Check out these upcoming events!!
Student/Parent Panel on Accelerated Math Opportunity: University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program (UMTYMP)
Do you have a child in grades 4-10? Does your child excel at math? Would your child benefit from learning math at an accelerated pace?

Lakeville Council for Gifted and Talented is holding a Student/Parent panel with current and former participants of the University of Minnesota Talented Youth Math Program (UMTYMP) Come and ask questions about Lakeville students' experiences with this program. Find out if this opportunity is right for your child and what you need to do to qualify.

Date: Monday, November 24th
Time: 6:30-7:00 social time, 7:00-8:00pm panel discussion
Location: Cherryview Elementary Media Center, 8600 175th Street, Lakeville
Cost: None Open to students and parents from any school district

12/2 Young Scientists Roundtable
Dr. Joanne Slavin, Ph.D., R.D., will illuminate nutrition biochemistry and discuss the effects of various food and eating trends on human health at the December Young Scientist Roundtable program. Dr. Slavin, Professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota, will speak on "Your Energy Reserves: From Pop to Pilates" on Tuesday, December 2 at 7:00 p.m. at Wayzata Central Middle School Auditorium.

All monthly programs are open to all students in grades K - 12 and their parents and school staff. The programs are free and no reservations are needed. More information online at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Homework Due 11/18-11/20

Sorry for the gap in the homework update. We are now back on track. I will post homework for the upcoming week on Thursday afternoons. Thanks for your continued support!

3rd Grade Reading
due 11/18- read chapter 3 in Green Book
complete starred items on blue worksheet (figurative language)
complete white worksheet (at least 2 boxes). Students will be animating figurative language using a computer program on Tuesday.
due 11/20- no homework

3rd Grade Math
due 11/18- no homework due
due 11/20- complete Partial Products worksheet.

4th Grade Reading
due 11/19- think of ideas/characters for your Tall Tale

4th Grade Math
due 11/18- no homework due (math test in regular classroom)
due 11/20- Problem Solver Packet pages 2-6

5th Grade Reading
due 11/19- read chapters 1-6 of Island of the Blue Dolphins and complete Vocabulary, questions & literary assignment (white worksheet)

5th Grade Math
due 11/18- ACE 1.3 (Accentuate the Negative)
due 11/20- ACE 1.4

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homework for this week (11/3-11/7)

I am excited to be back here at's fun to see everyone again after an extended summer break! Hopefully the transition won't be too hard on the students (or me!) I am working to finish up a few units that Mrs. Kiser had started, but most grades will start new material with me in the next few weeks.

I will be holding Fall conferences in the coming weeks as well, look for a schedule out soon. In the mean time, if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, you can send me an email at or call at 952.848.4342.

3rd grade:
Math- no homework due 11/6
complete 2 pages of Practically Predictable pack for 11/11
Reading- no homework due 11/6
"Change generalization packet due 11/11

4th grade:
Math- ACE 3.3 due 11/6
ACE 3.4 due 11/11
Reading- Little Prince chapter due 11/12

5th grade:
Math- ACE 1.1 due 11/6 (Accentuate the Negative)
ACE 1.2 due 11/11
Reading- Environmental posters due 11/12

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Homework Due TUESDAY, November 4th

3rd Grade math and reading: NONE - Happy Halloween!
4th Grade math and reading: NONE - Happy Halloween!
5th Grade math and reading: NONE - Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Plasch is returning on Tuesday - please check the blog for updates and information!

Reminder: Parent Information Meeting

Edina Public Schools
Gifted Education Services
Parent Information Meeting
Topics: District overview of identification; delivery of gifted service; communications

Monday, November 10, 2008, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Edina Community Center – Room 331
5701 Normandale Road
Edina, MN 55424

Hosted by Deb Richards, GES Coordinator

Session 1, 7:00-7:30 pm: Elementary Parents

Session 2, 7:45 – 8:15 pm: Secondary Parents

8:15 – 8:30 pm: Question and answer session

Enter door 6, go to the third floor, turn right. Room 331 is a short way down the hall. If you need an elevator, enter door 2 near the pedestrian bridge.

NUMATS, or Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search

What is NUMATS?

By Kit Olson, Valley View Gifted Education Resource Teacher

Our district has had some elementary parent inquiries about above-grade-level tests for gifted students. Some families find it helpful, and others feel it is not for their child.

NUMATS, or Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search, is a program of the Center for Talent Development (CTD) which is associated with Northwestern University in Illinois. NUMATS has been serving students in the Midwest and beyond since 1981. The EXPLORE test is used to gain perspective on the abilities of 3rd-8th graders. At 8th grade, all Edina students take the EXPLORE test to help them understand their abilities and plan for the future.

Online registration begins in late September and ends between December and February depending on the test being taken and the date it’s given. Students receive scores starting in March, and follow-up interpretive material comes approximately one month later. Scores taken through the NUMATS program do NOT become a part of your child’s school record or college admission data.

When registering, parents must select a reporting agency where the scores will be sent. Highlands school code is #8300966. Selecting the child’s school ensures data privacy: scores are sent to the school’s gifted education resource teacher, who uses them for advisement purposes.

Detailed information about eligibility, registration, test dates, and deadlines on CTD’s website,

Please keep in mind that these results are not used for specific school purposes, but rather are an optional testing opportunity for parents interested in knowing more about their child’s educational strengths and how best to develop them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hooray! Mrs. Plasch Returns November 4th!

Homework due the week of October 27-31

Third Grade:
Math: none, we're working in class on patterns in problem solving.
Reading: none, please plan to attend our "On the Day I Was Born" autobiography-showing in the lower lab on Thursday, October 30th promptly at 10:15 am. It should last no more than 30 minutes, the third graders have recess/lunch at 10:40.

Fourth Grade:
Math due Tuesday, October 28th: ACE 3.1 - #s 1,2, 15 & 16
Math due Thursday, October 30th: ACE 3.2 - #s 3-10
Reading due Wednesday, October 29th: The Little Prince lesson 5

Fifth Grade:
Math due Tuesday, October 28th: ACE 3.2 - #s 5-8 plus for optional practice with writing equations with two variables, do #7-10 on page 74.
Math due Thursday, October 30th: ACE 3.3 - #s 9-19 (extra practice: #7-10 on p. 74) and a QUIZ on Thursday
Reading due Wednesday, October 29th: Finish second book, come with book notes complete and be ready to discuss something of special importance to you in relation to Global Warming - whatever your view may be.

Parent Information Meeting

Edina Public Schools
Gifted Education Services
Parent Information Meeting
Topics: District overview of identification; delivery of gifted service; communications

Monday, November 10, 2008, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Edina Community Center – Room 331
5701 Normandale Road
Edina, MN 55424

Hosted by Deb Richards, GES Coordinator

Session 1, 7:00-7:30 pm: Elementary Parents

Session 2, 7:45 – 8:15 pm: Secondary Parents

8:15 – 8:30 pm: Question and answer session

Enter door 6, go to the third floor, turn right. Room 331 is a short way down the hall. If you need an elevator, enter door 2 near the pedestrian bridge.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Homework DUE the week of Oct 13-17

3rd Grade:
Math: None - we're completing pattern problem solving in class
Reading due TUESDAY OCT 20th: write autobiography for Photo Story 3 project

4th Grade:
Math due Tuesday Oct 13th: Lesson 2.4 ACE and Extra Credit
Reading due Wednesday Oct 14th: The Little Prince Lesson 4

5th Grade:
Math due Tuesday Oct 13th: None - we had a quiz in class on Thurs.
Reading due Wednesday Oct 14th: Finish your Global Warming book and take notes (bullet points) in your black composition notebook as you read. Begin to identify a concept related to global warming that you want to investigate further.

MCGT 3rd Snazztastic Event: October 10th

What: Our third Snazztastic event
Who: For MCGT kids ages 5-11
When: Friday, October 10th, from 6:30-8:00
Where: Edina Community Center (5701 Normandale Rd, Edina), Room 331
Sponsored by: The Snazztastic TLC teens
Main Activity: Liftoff! From Takeoff to Touchdown: How Planes Fly

This TLC session they will use paper airplanes to learn about how planes fly. Be ready to experience lift, drag, and other really zesty things that help make air travel possible. Via paper airplanes, they can work new ideas into real working models and see what kind of a pilot you are!They will also have an amazing game room with cool board games and other exciting stuff for those who are done with the airplane activity.RSVPs requested and appreciated, but not required! Please email or leave at message at 952-848-4906 if you're planning on attending or have questions.

Fee: FREE, but donations accepted and appreciated (suggested amount$5.00 per child) We want to keep this ah-maze-ing event open to everyone, and with your donations we can! Parents will need to sign their children in at the event, but are not required to stay. Adult volunteers will be on hand to assist theteens as needed. Parents will have access to the MCGT Resource Library and office.They can always use more help, so they invite any MCGT teens to show up on October 10th and pitch in with the activities. Any teens who help out are encouraged to stay afterwards for fun, food and socializing.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homework Due the week of October 6-10

3rd Grade
Reading due Tuesday, October 7th - all research should be completed
Math due Tuesday, October 7th - NONE
Math due Thursday, October 9th - TBA

4th Grade
Reading due Wednesday, October 8th - The Little Prince Lesson 3
Math due Tuesday, October 7th: Shapes and Designs problem 2.3 - ACE 15-17 and Extra Credit ACE 10-14.
Math due Thursday, October 9th: NONE

5th Grade
Reading due Wednesday, October 8th - NONE
Math due Tuesday, October 7th - Variables and Patterns Lesson 2.2 ACE
Math due Thursday, October 9th - Variables and Patterns Lesson 2.3 ACE

Magnets to Megahertz at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting begins November 1, 2008.

This program is intended for kids 10-14 years of age who are seriously interested in learning about electricity and electronics. We begin with the basics - winding magnets, making telegraph keys - and progress through Ohm's Law and basic electrical calculations, then on to radio.
Each of the two semester runs six Saturday mornings with a seventh Saturday as a make-up day. The first semester will run four Saturdays in a row, from 9:30 AM till 12 noon, then no class November 29th. The next two Saturdays bring us to December 13th, with the make-up on December 20th. The first two Saturdays of the first semester are free. This allows us to decide if this is really for you. After that, the charge is $100 for the first semester and, if you decide to continue, $100 for the second semester. Registration is limited, so please call Steve Raymer at 952-926-8198 if you are interested. More available online at:

2008 Annual MCGT Conference on Oct. 25th

The 2008 Fall Conference will be held Saturday, October 25th at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul campus. The keynote speaker will be Andrew Mahoney, director of a counseling center for the gifted and talented in Pennsylvania, and past chair of the Counseling and Guidance Division of the National Association of Gifted Children. The conference includes adult sessions on a variety of topics, plus morning and afternoon classes for kindergarten through seventh grade kids. October 14 is the deadline for all registrations. Classes in the Kids Program fill quickly, so don't wait! This will be a stimulating, informative, and fun day of networking, learning and making connections for everyone - parents, educators, counselors, psychologists, other professionals and anyone interested in gifted kids. Hope to see you there!
A registration form can be found online at:

Wayzata's Young Scientist Roundtable Begins 17th Season

Mark Monday October 6 on your calendar for the first Young Scientist Roundtable program of the 2008-2009 School Year. The speaker will be Dr. Robert D. Gehrz from the University of Minnesota on the topic: "Infrared Astronomy Using Flying Telescopes". The following month, Dr. Michael Osterholm from the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy Center will speak about "The Ever-Changing World of the Medical Detective". The 2008-2009 Program Schedule can be found at: YSR Schedule

The program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for students to hear scientific developments directly from the scientist. Nearly seventeen years later, Young Scientist Roundtable continues to engage young people and their parents with the delights of science. Each month a different area of science, such as medicine, physiology, astronomy and physics, is presented by an expert from the scientific field. Students are encouraged to ask questions following the presentation and to attend the "Teen Roundtable" which follows the formal presentation. At the "Teen Roundtable", students can talk with the scientist in a smaller, informal group setting.There is no charge to attend the Young Scientist Roundtable and no reservations are needed. Students in grades Kindergarten - 12 and their parents are invited to attend. Most of the monthly programs are held at the Wayzata Central Middle School Auditorium, and the programs are videotaped for showing on ED's TV, the West Metro Educational Cable Channel.

Fermi Math League

The Fermi Off-the-Wall Math League is an internet-based math competition appropriate for enrichment, small group work and individuals wanting creative, technology- rich experiences. In its eighth year, the Fermi Math League is open to school districts and individual students world-wide.

Six week Fall session starts September 30, 2008.
Cost: $40 per student per team (Coaches/parents do NOT pay)
Students may work solo, or in teams up to four
Divisions for grades 1–2, 3–4, 5–7 plus 5–7 "web designer" division
All work done on internet via email—no boundaries, no carpools! Work with friends, classmates and neighbors.
Passwords and usernames will be issued after registration is received.
Model archive is available online to registered students and schools
Rules and tips are available to all online
Grade 1/2 problems are "family math" oriented—parents and kids as partners (students register and pay fee; parents do not pay fee as partner)
Perfect as enrichment model or for independent study; great small group activity.
No car pools—great math fun for neighborhood kids
Prizes—medals, ribbons, certificates, fame, possible Nobel prizes...
Student registration materials are now available here.
Any questions... Please Contact Karen Newell
Intermediate District 287 Gifted Services
1820 North Xenium Lane, Plymouth, MN 55441
763-550-7356 fax

The Loft's Fall Writing Workshop: Spooky Stories, Creepy Creations

A Halloween Writing and Bookmaking Workshop for Youth
with Emily Carr Moore & Claire Wilson
Saturday, October 25; 12:30 to 4:30 pm
(for children grades 2 to 5)
$55 each participant, $50 members of MCBA or the Loft

Join the Loft and MCBA for a hair-raising, Halloween ­ themed afternoon of creative writing and bookmaking. Start out by writing a short, spooky story with Creepy Claire at the Loft. After a healthy snack, take your story and head to MCBA studios, where you'll construct a 3-D haunted house book with Eerie Emily. Put the two together and POOF! You've put the "BOO" into BOOK.Show off your creepy creations to family and friends in our Performance Hall, where Halloween treats will be provided. And please, wear your costumes! The presentation and reception will begin at 3:45 pm. Register for this workshop through The Loft Literary Center by calling 612-215-2587.
More can be found online at:

Children's Author Events

I wanted to make you aware of two authors speaking at Wayzata Community Church, 125 Wayzata Blvd. E. in Wayzata. They are Free. No RSVP, no tickets. However, I would show up early.

Louis Sachar,
Holes (10th anniversary of its release)
Friday, October 24th 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30)
In the Sanctuary
Tomie dePaola,
Brava Streganona
A Pop-Up Book with Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhardt
Saturday, November 15th 2:00 p.m. (doors open at 1:30)
In the Sanctuary

Your Extraordinary Saturday (YES)

A Saturday enrichment program for talented 1st – 4th graders
November 1, 8, 15, 22, 2008
9:00 am – Noon
Linwood A+ Elementary School
1023 Osceola Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105

Go to: for class descriptions and an application

Or call the Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth office 651-696-6590.
Some financial aid is available.
Sponsored by Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth
1600 Grand Ave., St. Paul, MN 55105

Sign Up for Saturday Math Enrichment at the University of Minnesota

ITCEP offers enrichment programs during the school year that provide grade 4-7 students with opportunities to learn and enjoy mathematics. The primary objective is to offer innovative activities focused on a variety of mathematics topics that take students further than a standard school curriculum. Each program encourages participants to explore mathematics and its scientific applications from different perspectives based on specific mathematics themes.Programs introduce students to the mathematics community and the role the subject plays in society. Students participate in interactive activities, conduct hands-on experiments, and work closely with outstanding instructors and University student mentors. They introduce participants and their families to educational opportunities and careers related to science, engineering, and mathematics. Students meet mentors associated with the University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) and the University. Although students are challenged intellectually during these activities, the focus is on exploration, allowing students to spend time with others who are interested in math and science and who enjoy challenges. More can be found online at

October Events at Barnes and Noble Edina

Saturday, October 18th at 11 am - Newbery Award Winner Kate DiCamillo presents her new picture book, Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken.  Event:  Reading, Signing.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homework! Week of Sept 22-26

Whew! What a week! Homework is now more challenging and increasing in quantity. Please contact me with any comments or concerns about your child's conceptual understanding of and ability to complete the material coming home. You can call me at school at 952-848-4342 or email me at: .

3rd Grade
Math due Tuesday, Sept 30th : Problem Solving Packet #3 Day 5
Math quiz Tuesday, Sept 30th: - the quiz will include a collection of problems similar to those we've been working on for the last two weeks.
Math due Thursday, Oct 2nd: None :) we will begin long division and lattice multiplication lessons.
Reading: Internet research should be completed by Thursday, October 2nd. We work in class each Tuesday and Thursday to complete most of this.

4th Grade
Math due Tuesday, Sept 30th: Shapes and Designs Book problem 2.2 ACE 4&5 (p 41-42) and 36 (p. 48). Extra Credit: ACE 6-9, 30-35, and 41.
Math due Thursday, Oct 2nd: UPDATE - None!
Reading none :) Little Prince Day 2 was to be completed for this week. We didn't meet this week due to MAP testing. We will go over The Little Prince Day 2 next Wednesday.

5th Grade
Math due Tuesday, Sept 30th: none :) we had a quiz on Thursday.
Math due Thursday, Oct 2nd: Variables and Patterns Problem 2.1 homework.
Reading Due Wednesday, Oct 1st: Current Events Lesson 2 - Local Environmental Issues.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homework for the week of Sept 15-19

3rd Grade:
Math due Tuesday, Sept 23rd: Complete Pages 14-18 in Problem Solver Packet
Reading due Thursday, Sept 25th: Photos, interview, and parent signature due. If you want to work on your research, please see weblinks in a previous blog entry.

4th Grade:
Math due Tuesday, Sept 23rd: Work on your card trick and be ready to show the class!
Reading due Wednesday, Sept 24th: Little Prince Lesson 2

5th Grade:
Math due Tuesday, Sept 23rd: Problem 1.4 ACE 6-9 and 27. Extra Credit - ACE 21-24 and 28
Reading due Thursday, Sept 25th: Current Events Lesson 1 - focus on the environment.

Have a wonderful weekend in the wonderful weather!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome and Homework for the week of Sept 9-11

Welcome back to school! Working with your students is such a treat for me. The first weeks back at school include organization and new learning routines, and it's no different in the gifted resource department. Some work we did may seem confusing, please bear with your students and me until we get proficient with our weekly routines, it will get better.

Homework for this week:

All Grades: bring in supplies if you haven't done so already

3rd Grade:
Language Arts due by Thursday 9/18:
On the Day You Were Born Unit - complete the yellow interview worksheet and email me or bring in 5-10 photos of your first days in this world. E-mail photos to:

Math due Tuesday 9/16:
Complete pages 2-6 in Problem Solver Packet #1

4th Grade:
Language Arts due Wednesday, 9/17:
The Little Prince Unit - Complete day 1 worksheet including reading chapters 1-4, t-chart, questions, character map, and short essay

Math due Tuesday 9/16:
Complete pages 3-6 in Problem Solver Packet #2

5th Grade:
Language Arts due Wednesday 9/17:
Find, read, and be ready to discuss two news articles from two separate regions: local/state/national/world. Try to focus on an issue that you would like to know more about like the environment, weather, sports, school district news, presidential election, world news...

Math due Tuesday, 9/16:
ACE #1-3 on pages 15-16
Extra Credit (for everyone) ACE #18-20 on page 24

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic summer and was able to relax and have some fun. I can't believe it is already "Back to School" time and we are counting down the hours until September 2nd. I am looking forward to working with everyone again this fall. As you know, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first baby (a surprise) so you may not see me right away in September. My sub will be Mrs. Kiser and you will all love her! She taught Gifted Education prior to me taking the job in 2007.

Each Thursday I will post an update for the weekly homework. Be sure to check back often so you can be up to date with your assignments!

See you soon- Mrs. Plasch

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Books for July

Again, the time has slipped away from me. Sorry it has been so long between my posts. I hope you enjoyed the June books and are ready for a few more! This month I am going to only choose 2 books (since July is already 1/2 over!). Here they are:

The Mysterious Benedict Society by: Trenton Lee Stewart
Four children, Reynard "Reynie" Muldoon, George "Sticky" Washington, Kate "The Great Kate Weather Machine" Wetherall, and Constance Contraire, pass a series of tests advertised in the newspaper. After passing the mind-bending tests, the four children meet Mr. Nicholas Benedict, a man trying to stop something known as "The Thing to Come". Mr. Benedict sends them to The Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened (LIVE), where they meet Ledroptha Curtain, a man trying to take over the world using sumbliminal messages.

I thought this book was interesting. It is similar to Harry Potter because it deals with 3 friends who are orphans going to a new school. There is no magic or wizardry, but there is mystery- which is always exciting.

Which character do you identify with the most, and why?

Marley: a dog like no other by: John Grogan
The author wrote this adaptation of his #1 New York Times bestselling Marley & Me just for kids. In his own words, here is the heartwarming and unforgettable story of how this big, rambunctious dog becomes the heart of the Grogan family.
Meet Marley, a yellow furball of a puppy who quickly grows into a large, rowdy Labrador retriever. With an appetite for nearly anything he can get his mouth around, including couches and fine jewelry, Marley is always getting into trouble. Some may say he's the world's worst dog. But those who know and love Marley accept him as a dog like no other. His heart is pure and his larger-than-life personality irresistible. With unconditional love and loyalty, he brings joy to his family, the Grogans, and teaches them what really matters in life.

I absolutely LOVED this book when I read it originally a few years ago. I think this adaptation is wonderful and you will love it too, especially if you have a family pet.

Pets are frequently referred to as “part of the family.” In what ways does
Marley reflect this statement? If you own a pet, does your pet reflect your

Happy Reading!!

P.S. I FINALLY received H.I.V.E from the Library. Long story, but I am excited to read it this weekend. I will let you know what I thought in my next post.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 27 Reading Discussion

I apologize for missing last Friday's post. I noticed that not many students responded to week 1's post, so maybe I should aim for posting everyother week. I am STILL waiting for H.I.V.E. to arrive from the library, I am beginning to think my request was lost in the summer shuffle. Has anyone else read this yet? I am looking forward to reading it. I finished Lemonade War last week and have been reading ahead to pick some July books. I have found 1 for sure, but it is long, so I may stick with only 2 books for July. We'll see!

So, to the important stuff...Thank you to those of you who responded to my post on 6/13. I had fun reading your comments. I hope more people can join the fun this time around!

The Lightening Thief-
Still the best book I have read this summer. It really reminds me of Gregor the Overlander...have you read that yet? If you like Lightening Thief, then you would LOVE Gregor!

How does the last line of the prophecy – you shall fail to save what matters most in the end – come true? What do you think of this ending? Did Percy make the right choice? What would you have done in his place?

The Lemonade War-
This book was a really quick read. If I hadn't been distracted by the nice weather, I may have finished it in one day! I thought it was a good story about siblings and family relationships. I liked how the little sister researched "good business techniques" in order to make more money at the lemonade stand.

What are some lessons you can learn from this book? Why do you think they are important?

H.I.V.E (Higher Institute for Villianous Education)
As I mentioned above, I am still waiting for this book to arrive at my library. I don't have any new questions this week, if you have read the book, please post a question for the group.

How is Otto like and unlike Harry Potter? Do you see any similarities between the 2 books?

To post your comments, just hit the "comments" button below. Type in your first name only (so we know who is talking) and then write about your thoughts. I will check in periodically during the week to see what everyone is saying!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 13th reading discussion

I hope the first week of summer was enjoyable & relaxing! I finished The Lightening Thief but haven't started either of the other two books yet. I really loved this book and hope someone else has read it too! I would love to hear what you think! I was trying to decide how to start up a conversation about these books, especially since there are 3...I am not very good at reading more than 1 book at a time. I will post 3 discussion questions each week and leave it up to you readers to comment (instructions below). If you have something else you want to comment on, you can do that as well.

The Lightening Thief-
This was a great book! I loved all the references to Greek Mythology. It made me want to go and check out a book to refresh my memory on all of the Gods and myths that went along with them! Did you feel that way too? Here is a discussion question to get you started:

When describing his mother, Percy says, “She’s the best person in the world, which just proves my theory that the best people get the rottenest luck.” How does this apply to Percy’s mom? Is this theory true in life? In the Greek myths?

The Lemonade War-
I haven't started this book yet. It is next on my list...I think it will be a great one because everyone loves having lemonade stands, right? It is also about sibling rivlary...most of you can relate to that also!!

Have you ever felt competitive with someone you are close to, like a sibling or a good friend? What was the competition about? What did you do? How was it resolved?

H.I.V.E (Higher Institute for Villianous Education)
I am still waiting for this book to be sent to me from the library. It is about a boy who is sent to a school on a volcanic island against his will. He and his friends try desperately to get off the island. It sounds interesting...kind of like a backwards Harry Potter.

How is Otto like and unlike Harry Potter? Do you see any similarities between the 2 books?

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Look for a new post next Friday, Happy Reading!

Mrs. Plasch

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Reading Opportunity!

It is almost summer! Time to talk new books :) This summer I will leave my Blog open for students, parents and teachers to talk about some hot new titles. Each month I will choose 3 books to read and will post weekly questions for students to discuss. This is not required reading. Choose any (or all) of the books listed that you are interested in. I think it will be a fun way for us to connect and read some pretty awesome books.

Blogging Terms and Conditions
1. Students using blogs are expected to act safely by keeping personal information out of their posts and/or comments. You agree to not post or give out your family name, password, user name, email address, home address, school name, city, country or other information that could help someone locate or contact you in person. You may share your interests, ideas and preferences.

2. Students using blogs are expected to treat blogspaces as classroom spaces. Speech that is inappropriate for class is not appropriate for your blog. While we encourage you to engage in debate and conversation with other bloggers, we also expect that you will conduct yourself in a manner reflective of a representative of this school.

3. Students who do not abide by these terms and conditions may lose their opportunity to take part in this experience.

June Titles: (all are available through the Hennepin County Library)
H.I.V.E.: Highter Institute for Villainous Education
Walden, Mark
13-year-old orphan Otto Malpense, identified as a boy with a special talent for villainy, iskidnapped and taken to the remote Higher Institute of Villainous Education, or H.I.V.E.,where he is enrolled in a 6-year training program and immediately begins formulating aplan to escape.

Lemonade War
Davies, Jacqueline
Evan and his younger sister, Jesse, react very differently to the news that they will be in thesame class for 4th grade and as summer's end approaches, they battle it out throughlemonade stands, each trying to be the first to earn 100 dollars.

Lightning Thief (Book 1: Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
Riordan, Jack
Percy, expelled from six schools for being unable to control his temper, learns his father isthe Greek god Poseidon and is sent to Camp Half Blood where he is befriended by a satyrand the demigod daughter of Athena, who join him in a journey to the Underworld toretrieve Zeus's lightning bolt and prevent a catastrophic war.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23 Homework Update

3rd Grade
No Homework
Final Day of math class on Tuesday 5/27

Read Chapter 10 in The Word Eater
Final Book Project (choose 1):
-Give a sales talk, pretending the students in the class are clerks in a bookstore and you want them to sell this book.
-Construct puppets and present a show of one or more interesting parts of the book.
-Design costumes for dolls and dress them as characters from the book. Explain who these characters are and how they fit in the story.
-Write and perform an original song that tells the story of the book
-Make a time line of all the events in the book.
-Make a poster advertising your book so someone else will want to read it.
-Write the plot for a sequel to this book.

Check out our mystery animal PowerPoints on Mrs. Plasch's webpage:

4th Grade
No math. Final unit finished on 5/20

Final class on 5/30, all Publisher pages will need to be completed by the end of class.

5th Grade
ACE 2.3 due Tuesday 5/27
Quiz in class on 5/27

We completed our novels and celebrated a great year during our final class on Thursday. Check out our great writing on the Wiki: Paper copies will be sent home with students next week.